Professional Development

Natural Maths offers three types of professional development tailored to suit a variety of needs. The program we offer are:

  • School, cluster or district based workshops for teachers
  • Out-of-school and after-school conferences and workshops 
  • In-school workshops with staff and demonstration lessons.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

We have found over time that needs vary between and across schools. In some instances a focus on actual mathematical content is needed, sometimes the focus is shifted to classroom based strategies to improve pedagogy and student experiences of mathematics. In the example below, a Year 1 student is teaching a puppet how to break the counting sequence, while Ann and other classroom teachers observe with interest.


Recently, of course, an important focus has been on maximising the potential of the interactive whiteboard both in developing mathematical concepts and problem solving by involving students in interacting with maths using the electronic media.