Helping Students Shine At Mathematical Problem Solving

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  • The other force behind Natural Maths, Johnny Baker has been tucked away developing a series of maths challenges aimed at helping students become better at maths but equally important, excited about maths, which is fundamental in every day life.

    Attention All Maths Coordinators

    If you're looking for a fun and engaging way to help students appreciate and understand maths batter, and a way to help you take maths teaching to a higher level - keep ready! The Natural Maths Challenges are for you if:

    • You're looking for an opportunity to challenge the mathematically able students at your school
    • Seeking top ranking scores when NAPLAN next comes around
    • You would like to see your students shine at mathematical problem solving
    • You're being asked to plan for a differentiated curriculum by making specific provision for mathematically able students

    You'll need to register via our website which you'll be able to do soon as we've built the functionality - coming soon.

    What's Involved - Get Your Teams Ready

    The key features of the Naturally Mathematical challenges are:

    • Each term there will be two challenges for each of three levels: Lower, Middle and Upper Primary.
    • A challenge will consist of three questions and may include hands-on activities that require making or designing an object.
    • Each participating school should appoint a team organiser who would be our contact person for their teams of students.
    • We recommend that each team comprise of four students, all of whom should be within one of the three age ranges. By working as a team, the students will benefit greatly from the opportunity to discuss mathematical ideas amongst themselves.
    • The teams should use our STAR as a framework for describing their progress towards a solution. This will encourage them to describe not only their solutions but the steps they took to find them. We would like the teams to see that their problem solving processes are just as important as their solutions.
    • The teams should submit their solutions in an electronic format. This can be as a Word or PowerPoint document or any other presentation program that can be linked to our website.

    We will choose what we consider to be the best five solutions in each category and make these available for the students to judge which they think is the best solution.

    The opportunity to appraise the work of others will be part of the reflection process and will provide many opportunities for students to think mathematically.

    For the Term 4 Challenge, the cost per team will be $44.00 and this includes a copy of our STAR posters for the Team Organiser. We will invoice your school as soon as we receive your registrations.

    Important Dates

    Diary Dates for Term 4, 2014

    Challenge 1

    Monday October 20 - Challenge 1 available

    Friday October 24 - Submissions to reach Natural Maths by the end of the day

    Tuesday October 28 - Top Five published on the web for each Grade

    Thursday October 30 - End of Voting period

    Friday October 31 - Results of the voting published

    Challenge 2

    Monday November 10 - Challenge 2 available

    Friday November 14 - Submissions to reach Natural Maths by the end of the day

    Tuesday November 18 - Top Five published on the web for each Grade

    Thursday November 20 - End of Voting period

    Friday November 21 - Results of the voting published

    If you would like more information, please email We will post via social media when the registration page is ready. Please also subscribe to our e-news if you haven't already to ensure you don't miss out on important updates - look for 'Subscribe' at the bottom of every page. Yours in great maths learnings!


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