Puzzles in a Pear Tree

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  •  Naturally Mathematical Challenge for Xmas 2015

    Last term, I received an email from Alana Dunn (Riverton Primary School) in which she told me of her students who were pining for more Naturally Mathematical Challenges. The feedback is that the two challenges that I have sent have been a life-saver, as the groups of very talented young students that Alana teaches have really enjoyed having something special to get their 'mathemtmatical' teeth into. 

    I promised her that a set of Xmas questions would be forthcoming, but I'm one of the old-school who believes that things Christmassy don't happen until December. Now that we are into December, I really want to keep that promise, so ...

    You can download the challenge (suitable for Upper Primary unless your students are off the radar) by clicking the link below:


    Click to download the questions


    I hope you and your students enjoy them!



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