Holiday Workshops

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  •  Just when you thought you were in for a well-earned 2-week holiday in the first two weeks of October, along come Natural Maths with some great ideas for workshops that you might not want to miss. On the Wednesday and Friday of the second week of the holiday, Ann is running two half-day workshops.

    Wednesday, October 12

    The morning session covers the Space Strand of the Early Years curriculum. This workshops was run for a group of teachers and was hosted by Kate Beeson. The results were very special, with the hands-on activities engaging all participants in learning while having fun.

    The afternoon session explores the Chance and Data strand of the Early Years curriculum and, again, the activities that were run with Kate's group of teachers were very positively received.

    Then comes a day's break which will give Ann chance to recover and you a much-needed (?) chance to get some early Christmas shopping done.

    Friday, October 14

    The morning session moves into Multiplicative Thinking and Proportional Reasoning. If we can give students a good understanding of proportional reasoning, research suggests that they will fare really well in their early years of Secondary School.

    The afternoon session addresses the question - "Why are fractions so difficult? The answer might lie in our own understanding of the common error patterns and crunch points that make this maths concept such a hard one for many students.

    On both days, you can attend the mmorning session ($85) or the afternoon session ($85) or both the morning and afternoon sessions ($150).

    Click here for details of these workshops and for enrolment.



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