Olympic Rings Report

August 28, 2016 0 Comments None
  •  Using the STAR model to solve the Olympic Rings challenges

    It was a real pleasure to recieve an email from Riverton Primary School that included an account of how the students went about solving the Olympic Rings Challenges  ... and the Sting Questions. These students were no strangers to using the STAR model and their comments show how useful they found it as they progressed throught the challenges.

    In the attached document you can read the full account of what happened and I hope that the report gives the impression:

    1. that the students really enjoyed the challenge, and
    2. of the way in which the engagement with these questions gave support to the school's focus on growth mindset.

    Many thanks indeed to Alana Dunn for sending Ann and I this remarkable report.

    Click here to download the full blog post


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