Halloween Paper Folding

October 16, 2016 0 Comments None
  • A Cut Above the Rest?

    Remember the old dancing dolls that were made by folding and cutting? They were particularly popular at Christmas time. Here's a new twist that might make these age-old decorations just as popular at Halloween time.

     Paper is folded into an accordion or fan. A design is drawn, and then the cutting takes place.

    It's a feature of these creations that you have to make sure that you don't cut away too much and that the pieces  it touches twice (at least twice) at  each fold. Cut too much away and it will just fall apart, like this one nearly did when we tried to hang it up!

     Actually why not let the students discover this for them selves. How else are we going to get them to stop think, visualize and predict. This is an exercise in spatial awareness and symmetry after all.

    Newspaper is free and easily accessible so suggest that the students practice with newspaper first. When they have an outline that they like, it's time to create it in better quality paper and embellish it.

    Hope your students have fun with this one and that the results are ghostly rather than ghastly!


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