Holiday Workshops for January 2017

November 15, 2016 0 Comments None
  • By popular request, Ann is running two workshops in January.

    January 16th An Introduction to Natural Maths

    If you are new to teaching or if you are a relief teacher, or if you just need a NM refresher, then this workshop will give you insights into the philosophy, strategies and pedagogy involved in implementing and Natural Maths-inspired maths program. This workshop focuses on:

    • Mental routines and matched vocabulary
    • Mental computation strategies and methods of representation
    • Problematized situations
    • Reflection strategies
    • Differentiation

    These topics are all aligned with the Australian Curriculum Mathematics Proficiency Strand and TEFL.

    January 19th: Numeracy in the Early Years

    If you are an Early Years teacher wanting to ensure that your students develop a strong number sense and positive disposition towards mathematical thinking right from the start, then this is the workshop for you. It will be a very active, hands-on workshop, so please brig a playful and curious mindset with you!

    One of the activities that had everyone enthralled at the last workshop for Early Years was Capture and you can download a description mof the activity right now.

    Click here to download the full blog post


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