• Bringing my learning from 2013 into 2014
    Bringing my learning from 2013 into 2014
    December 28, 2013 0 Comments None

    Yes life is a little quieter at the moment and it is time to reflect on 2013. What worked, what didn’t and why? It is also time for me to be planning for the massive year ahead., A large part of my professional development work next year will revolve around pedagogical moves in the maths class. During 2013, I tried out a few ‘moves’ one of which I call:, ‘Do next to nothing’., That sounds lazy but let me tell you it is hard work and it takes bravery and careful planning. So what do I mean?, In...

  • Making maths fun with Pop Beads
    Making maths fun with Pop Beads
    December 10, 2013 0 Comments None

    I was out shopping when I came across these pop beads., Pop went my brain too – bringing maths and ‘The Brain likes Colour’ to mind., You see, I am working on a Place Value to 100 and Beyond package at the moment in which one of the central themes is purposeful counting. Purposeful counting of large collections is a sure fire way for students to begin to see why we need speed counting (skip counting, if you prefer) as well as why organising in 10s makes sense. These little pop beads have 170 in...

  • The brain likes colour
    The brain likes colour
    December 05, 2013 0 Comments None

    Back from England, refreshed and ready to go. I’m now wondering what supplies and ideas I can play with next year., In an earlier post, I talked about how maths can sometimes be presented in a dull and grey way. We know the brain likes colour so why not include more colour in the maths lesson? One thing led to another and I began to think about a supplies list for maths next year., Top of the list: coloured paper and mark making equipment. Checkout the piece below and you will begin to see that...