• Mindsets
    February 17, 2013 0 Comments None

    Challenging students to work smart, I have been reading Dr Carol Dwecks’ book Mindset: the new psychology of success in which she talks about fixed mindsets and growth mindsets and the effects that these can have on people as learners. It resonates with me on many levels but particularly in regard to students who believe that they have innate talent, are the best at maths in the class and do not stop to think before applying a long-winded strategy to a problem. They do not stop to think:, “Could...

  • Lost Time
    Lost Time
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    Making the most of transition times , I was reminded yet again early this week how much valuable time is lost during a school day. I went into a year 6/7 class this week to do a demo lesson and waited as students arrived, handed over money for camp, gave messages of one kind and another to the teacher. Ten minutes went by until she was free to introduce me to the class. And what were the students doing during that time? They were chatting or dreaming on the carpet. There are many transitions...

  • How many crocodiles?
    How many crocodiles?
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    Subitizing Leads to Fluency with Addition , Subitize means to suddenly know, in this case to suddenly know how many. Going through my stash of cheap wrapping papers (yes I am addicted to them) I came across a sheet of bright crocodiles. Subitizing came into my head and with the aid of the wrapping paper, scissors and a glue stick I suddenly had 14 subitizing cards. , Why is subitizing so important?, Even very young children can look at a small collection and just know without counting how many...

  • A Counting Book
    A Counting Book
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    Ten Red Apples : A Bartholomew Bear Counting Book, by Virginia Miller, Tidying up and sorting my maths picture books and stopped to reread this book. I had forgotten that it is more than just a counting book. In fact when looking closely there are a combination of green and red apples on the tree and that each combination makes visible all of the rainbow pairs that make to ten and their turnarounds as well. Why have I not spotted this before? I have used the book many times to show...

  • Engaging indiginous students mathematically
    Engaging indiginous students mathematically
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    Working with Preps, Some time back, Johnny and I went to work in an Community School in WA. The goal was to make maths engaging and meaningful for both students and teachers. , We worked first with the young students, aged around 5 years. The photos show the students listening and watching the puppet trying to learn to count. The puppet missed out numbers in the counting sequence and the students called out stop when they heard or saw an error. The puppet, who is just learning to count missed an...