• What'll they think of next?
    What'll they think of next?
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    Ann has been working at North Ingle Primary School with students in Grades 5, 6 and 7. She had set them a problematised situation that they were successful in solving, Then she decided it was time to turn the tables., "I want you to think up some problematised situations for me. Do you think you could do that?", She was overwhelmed by the range and quality of the responses. Here are a couple of the problems that the students thought up but it was hard to choose from the great ideas that came...

  • Navy Beans – a way into magnitude and place value
    Navy Beans – a way into magnitude and place value
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    A great deal of emphasis has been given to subitising small groups of objects. The visual image of a group of objects provides a foundation for the ideas of quantity and conservation of quantity. For example, five counters set out in different arrangements is still five counters., But less emphasis is given to magnitude of larger numbers. If the only image a student has of, say, 365 (see Question 1 on NAPLAN 3, 2013) is a structured form then it is likely that their place value concept will be...