• Visible Learning
    Visible Learning
    May 28, 2013 0 Comments None

    One of our latest apps is called Symmetricon and whenever we show it to young and old we can’t help but be struck by the swift change that comes about in the player. There is an initial mystification as to what a symmetrical design in a triangle could possibly be. But after a short time, usually no more than 5 minutes, the player shows a high level of skill in creating designs that are symmetrical about any of the three axes of symmetry that can be found in an equilateral triangle. For example...

  • Mental computation comes alive
    Mental computation comes alive
    May 14, 2013 2 Comments None

    Ann was recently working with two Year 1-2 classes in South Australia, where she was presented with some student artwork. , “Hold on, “: she thought, “this is more than just artwork. It’s really helping the mental computation strategies come alive for these students.” When she went into the classroom of Lynn and Sue at Torrensville Primary School, she found that the ceiling was a celebration of mental computation strategies., “We’ve been working with the Secret Codes,” said Lynn, “we wanted the...