• Teaching problem solving strategies - achieving great outcomes
    Teaching problem solving strategies - achieving great outcomes
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    Having a sound understanding of maths is important from childhood through to adulthood. However, a lot of adults frown with confusion when presented with a problem solving situation. Memories of their school days trigger feelings of failure, lack of resilience ‘this is too hard’ and lack of executive planning function in terms of being able to find a way through and finding the steps required to solve the problem. , We can do better than that for our students., We can use the STAR model...

  • Contextualised maths problems: Santa's cooking gift sets
    Contextualised maths problems: Santa's cooking gift sets
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    When it comes to teaching, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing students get excited about maths as it finally 'clicks' for them. We're all to aware that each student has a different understanding and appreciation of maths. Therefore, it's important we teachers provide different entry points that allow each student to find their own way into a problem and use their own strategies. We need to promote that's it's not a race to the answer, rather they should take the time to think about...

  • Reindeer Numbers
    Reindeer Numbers
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    We delivered Christmas maths problems for earlier grades in a previous blog post recently, and now here's one for upper primary., This one will really get the students things:, One of Santa's best kept secrets is that there is a special link between a reindeer and its number. Indeed, a reindeer number has the property that it is equal to the product of two of the numbers (known as antlers) that can be made with its digits. For example, 1827 is a reindeer number with antlers equal to 21 and 87...

  • Helping students gain a positive appreciation for maths
    Helping students gain a positive appreciation for maths
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    I'm often asked which key topics teachers can pay special attention to when it comes to maths. Students need to develop a strong numbers sense from an early age built on understanding of quantity., They need to be able to pull numbers apart in many different ways so they can engage in value based not digit based mental computation strategies. From year four, students really need to have a deep understanding of fractions based on multiplicative strategies not additive strategies., From the early...

  • Maths problems using Christmas fun
    Maths problems using Christmas fun
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    While Christmas is a little while away, it will be here before we know it. So we'll share some of our favourite maths problems - combining maths and Christmas that will certainly get the students equally enthused about the two topics. These are for grades 1 and 2 - we'll share problems for higher grades throughout the month so stay tuned., Whizzing Yoyos, Mrs White wants to give every one of the 20 children in her class a whizzing yoyo for the Christmas, yoyo trick competition but she doesn’t...