• How interesting
    How interesting
    February 24, 2014 0 Comments None

    Ann and I find it hard to pass by a book of mathematical, puzzles or challenges. Our most recent acquisition is Math-e-Magic, a, pocket-sized book from Stirling Publishing, a company that has published many, great maths puzzle titles., , On page 33 there is a Mathbit as shown in the picture. It, doesn’t take a mathematical mind to see why this addition and corresponding, multiplication could be described as interesting, but is there more to this, than meets the eye? Could this be a result that...

  • Learning The Connections Between Multiplication And Division
    Learning The Connections Between Multiplication And Division
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    'The Great Divide' by Suzanne Slade continues our multiplication theme., It is important that students see the connections between multiplication and division. This beautifully illustrated book does just that. It also teaches students about the names for different groups of animals such as a group of gorillas is called a band and a bunch of billy goats is a tribe., In a fun and interactive way, it helps students learn about animal collective nouns and division.,    , I don't know...

  • Multiplying by 10
    Multiplying by 10
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    Ten Times Better by Richard Michelson is a book focused on multiplying by 10. On one page a poem identifies a creature using a single digit, for example an ant with six legs and on the following page we find a creature that is 10 times better, in this case a croc with 60 fierce teeth.Instant recall of the 10s facts will be enhanced by this beautifully illustrated rhyming text. Enjoy...

  • New Multiplication Product Coming Soon
    New Multiplication Product Coming Soon
    February 19, 2014 0 Comments None

    Here at Natural Maths we have been working on a new interactive whiteboard software package - so watch out for it over the coming days.Just to get the juices flowing, we will be showcasing some of our favourite picture books that deal with multiplication and division. The first book we showed was 'Minnie's Diner: A Multiplying Menu' by Dayle Ann Dodds (see below for the link to read the blog). Today, we're showcasing 'Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream' by Cindy Neuschwander.Amanda...

  • Rebecca's Puzzle
    Rebecca's Puzzle
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    Ann and I were staying with our son Anson and his wife Rebecca when I spied a puzzle made of wooden pieces and a baseboard. I asked if I could have a go at it while we waited for the rain to stop and could go out on a much-anticipated shopping spree., To my delight, I found that the puzzle has a very elegant answer, one that which can be applied to similar shapes of different sizes...

  • Doubles: A Step Toward Multiplication
    Doubles: A Step Toward Multiplication
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     When students begin to move from repeated additions toward multiplicative strategies they often begin to use doubles and double doubles, which is the theme of the picture book selected for today. 'Minnie's Diner: A Multiplying Menu' by Dayle Ann Dodds.One of the effective strategies for seeing relationships between related tables 2s, 4s and 8s is to notice doubles and double doubles. So this book although possibly more appealing to younger students, can be used at any year group...

  • Using Connections To Increase Understanding Of Maths
    Using Connections To Increase Understanding Of Maths
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    I have just had a couple of great days working with the teachers at Harris Fields State School. Katherine Lubach, a grade 7 teacher, was reviewing prime numbers. The class said they remembered hearing about them but could not explain what they were until one student said "Is it like primary colours in art?"A primary colour only has itself but secondary colours need two colours to make them.This metaphor was further developed but the students had made connections with their art lessons and now...

  • Maths Journals A Hit With Teachers
    Maths Journals A Hit With Teachers
    February 06, 2014 0 Comments None

    The maths journal is catching on. Yesterday Meredith McMahon from Harris Fields State School shared her journal with me and gave me permission to share it on the blog.Meredith already has a mathematical journey clearly documented a result of adding content since school started. She says she does it very quickly when she gets home and it refreshes her memory about what happened and what she needs to plan next. There are many photos and student comments in the journal, which excites her students...

  • Hot Topic: Place Value to 100 Continued...
    Hot Topic: Place Value to 100 Continued...
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    Still on the topic of place value to 100, "One Hundred Hungry Ants" by Elinor Pinczes is another book that provides many options for speed counting. The ants line up in different ways hoping to get to the picnic fast but of course so much time lining up in rows means that they arrive at the picnic too late for any yummies. The parting shot is 99 ants chasing one ant who was responsible for all the fuss.A fun book for  purposeful counting and for  exploring  landmark numbers (25...

  • Great Example of Maths Journal
    Great Example of Maths Journal
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    What has Rita started?You may remember that last year we posted a blog about the clever teacher, Rita.With her permission I have been showing pages from her journal at professional development days and encouraging teachers to make similar journals of their own.Today’s blog shows a journal entry from Kathy Grieve. Click here to download it. Note the date, 31st January - talk about ready to run for the year! She has written that she creates much of the page during the reflection at the end of the...

  • Another place value book
    Another place value book
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    Same title as a book we mentioned last week, but "100 Days of School" by Trudy Harris is another book that looks at 100 days of school but in this case simple riddles are posed all of which have the answer 100. I particularly like the page where it talks about students removing their shoes: “If 10 tired children take off their shoes. What do you get? Lots of bare feet! And...”. First I felt compelled to find the 20 pairs of shoes (the double) and then when I turned the page... surprise the...