• NEW FREE Mental Computation Paper
    NEW FREE Mental Computation Paper
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    Mental computation is the starting point for thinking mathematically. It’s the way into being at ease with numbers and having the confidence to work confidently and effectively with them., If you don’t have mental computation strategies, the use of numbers in the real world becomes a no-go zone for people and it’s difficult, if not impossible, for a person to then become a numerate person., Our new FREE product was developed following teachers regularly asking us about what...

  • Problematised Situation Using A Snake's Pattern
    Problematised Situation Using A Snake's Pattern
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    I was in a classroom recently and I was thinking of ways to help students become familiar with problematised situation. Looking around the classroom, I was searching for a meaningful context that I could create a problematised situation from...when I spotted this snake., The problem, , A class that I saw recently had made snakes just like the one below, One group told me that they had made six snakes, They said three snakes had 22 diamonds on them, Two snakes had 25 diamonds on...

  • Update From The Early Years Project With The Elizabeth Partnership
    Update From The Early Years Project With The Elizabeth Partnership
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    What an exciting week it was last week. Day 3 of the early years project with the Elizabeth Partnership saw teachers carrying their maths journals and student work samples to share. Teachers are finding their journals invaluable both as reflection tool for themselves and their students but also as a way sharing with parents who are coming in to classrooms to see the maths journey so far., , The teachers are also finding that their students can solve problems and play number games. Here is...

  • PD for the problem solving strand
    PD for the problem solving strand
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    On Tuesday 20th May I was invited by the Assistant Principal at Helensburgh Public School, Jen Dowling, to join the staff for a professional development after-school session. Before the meeting, the school was sent three problematized situations, one each for the lower, middle and upper primary classes. An observation schedule based on the STAR model was included as a way of focusing the meeting. Jen and I also had a tech rehearsal which turned out to have been invaluable as the hardware/...

  • Quantity Is A Funny Thing
    Quantity Is A Funny Thing
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    Quantity is a funny thing. Look at the packet below. Can you believe that there are really 170 items in such a small packet?, Magnitude and understanding of quantity is experiential. We do not give our students enough time and experience to find out about the real meanings of numbers., I don't know about you but I can hardly wait to tear open the packet, spill the stuff out and check I got the right amount. Okay I need a life...!, Ideas of how muchness will be a focus of the Early Years Numeracy...

  • Using Money To Work Flexibly With Numbers
    Using Money To Work Flexibly With Numbers
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    Jake, Nick and Pete were playing with the fake money. They said they each made a different amount. Is this possible?, Variations on this theme allow differentiation and extension., Money provides opportunities for students to count in different patterns and from different starting numbers. Place value builds on this ability to work flexibly with numbers., The following photo shows two students' work samples for this problem. For one student making the notes was the selected strategy and allowed...

  • Observing And Critiquing Lessons For Something Different
    Observing And Critiquing Lessons For Something Different
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    The week so far has been really interesting and a bit different too. The teachers at Harris Fields State School wanted me to move into mentor mode and to observe and critique their lesson this time., Usually I model or co-teach the lessons. It was very rewarding on Monday and Tuesday to see how effectively and creatively the teachers at Harris Fields have developed and taken on the Natural Maths philosophy. I saw lessons where the students were engaged and empowered to work and think...