• The Great Divide by Suzanne Slade
    The Great Divide by Suzanne Slade
    April 20, 2015 0 Comments None

    I like this well-illustrated picture book about division partly because it gives the correct collective nouns for groups of creatures but also because it clearly presents division into equal sized groups., , I was flipping through the book pondering how I could use it in a classroom to build a strong foundation and connections between multiplication and division. The following are my first thoughts after looking at the first division double page spread about leatherback turtles where the text...

  • What Your School Is Missing Out On
    What Your School Is Missing Out On
    April 09, 2015 0 Comments None

    Following the second round of maths challenges, we're delighted to share with you this fantastic submission from Woodcroft Primary School. , Team Organiser Sonia Molloy offers the below account from her Year 1 team, Woodcroft Minions, who found their solutions to the Easter Challenge. We would like to thank Sonia for allowing us to retell the story of how she used the competition questions as a teaching resource., Question 1 Ms Bilby’s Easter Eggs, My friend, Ms Bilby, has...