• Pyramids, Prpoblem Solving and Conservation of Volume
    Pyramids, Prpoblem Solving and Conservation of Volume
    August 23, 2015 0 Comments None

    What happens when you give out a random amount of blocks and ask for them all to be used to make a pyramid? The following photos show different approaches., For instance making squares each one larger than the next ready to stack, counting and finding that no way can a regular pyramid be made, so planning some gaps as part of the process.,   , You might build the perfect pyramid, and then be puzzled by what to do with the left overs … or you can even cheat a bit by hiding the...

  • Just in time for Book Week
    Just in time for Book Week
    August 21, 2015 0 Comments Teaching

     , A teacher at Goodwood Primary School showed me a book called 'The Black and White Book Club' by Alice Hemming and her journal pages based on her students work.She had used the the dominoes game presented in the book tas a springboard for maths, and in the download you can see some of the results. Her idea rubbed off on me, becuase I too have used one of my favourite books as a springboard. But wait! On the last page, I've included a couple of videos that each introduce a problematised...

  • The Maths-breathing Dragon
    The Maths-breathing Dragon
    August 09, 2015 0 Comments None

    Fionn drew this maths-breathing dragon for me whose fiery breath is full of maths problems.,  ,  ,  , Fionn gave me this picture at the end of a lesson on division with a Year 6 class – it formed his reflection on the lesson. Look closely and you'll see the dragon’s breath includes a ÷ sign as well as some of the numbers that were used in the lesson.,  , During the lesson we looked at lots of different ways of doing a 2-digit by 1-digit division. The goal...