• Puzzles in a Pear Tree
    Puzzles in a Pear Tree
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     Naturally Mathematical Challenge for Xmas 2015, Last term, I received an email from Alana Dunn (Riverton Primary School) in which she told me of her students who were pining for more Naturally Mathematical Challenges. The feedback is that the two challenges that I have sent have been a life-saver, as the groups of very talented young students that Alana teaches have really enjoyed having something special to get their 'mathemtmatical' teeth into. , I promised her that a set of Xmas...

  • Silly Season Fun
    Silly Season Fun
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    Have some Silly Season Fun, , I spotted this mug in a staff room and couldn't resist; so many questions sprang to mind! Back in class, I showed the photo and asked:, , “How many Santas are on the mug?”, “Are there any questions you would like to ask me before you think about what your answer might be?”, , The questions that the class generated included:, , “Can we see half of the Santas?, “Are both sides the same?”, , Another question that provoked a lot...

  • Snowflakes
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    Working with Special Needs Students, I was at the Gordon Education Centre in Mt Gambier earlier this week where the students were using paddle pop sticks to make snowflakes. I took pictures of these unfinished snowflakes which will eventually be painted and glittered because I thought they could be used as Christmas provocations., ,  , This first snowflake could prompt lots of different questions. For example:, , “Are there any lines of symmetry in this snow flake?”, “Do...