• Ann Baker's Favourite Picture Books
    Ann Baker's Favourite Picture Books
    January 27, 2015 0 Comments None

    Picture books, whether maths related or not, can provide a great range of maths problems. Not only are the picture books visually engaging, the students will love them, with their beautiful illustrations and learning opportunities. , I've profiled a number of picture books here and there, but now I'll bring them altogether. , If you know of others, feel free to share in the comments or post via any of our social media pages., , , ,  ,  ,  ...

  • Back to Basics
    Back to Basics
    January 07, 2015 0 Comments None

    Good news! Big W will be stocking the full range of Back to Basics books this year. This is good news because when parents ask how they can help their child at home, or what is available to help them understand the way in which maths is being taught, you now have two answers., One being the Parent Books. These talk about the mental computation strategies and the methods of representation in everyday language., The other answer, the Back to Basic Books designed for parents and students working...

  • Strategies For Working With Teachers And What To Buy For 2015
    Strategies For Working With Teachers And What To Buy For 2015
    January 07, 2015 3 Comments None

    2015- Planning and Shopping, Busy getting my head back into the workspace after the silly season. Packing for the move to Adelaide is almost complete and my head is turning to the year ahead., Planning, What do I want to do better this year, is a question going around in my head. Last year I made a big effort to be as curious as possible about what students were doing and thinking and why and I actively encouraged teachers to do the same. We can learn more about where students are at and what...