• Owls on a Notebook Cover
    Owls on a Notebook Cover
    March 10, 2015 0 Comments None

    I find inspiration for problems everywhere. I had just been asked to run a problem involving early multiplication and division and found an idea based on this note book cover., , The panel on the left was the first idea that came to mind and the story I made up was along the lines of:,  , You all know about my friend the Year 1 teacher who is so busy that she panics. Well this time she is preparing for her art and craft class and wants every one to make their own owl. Has she got enough...

  • 1s and 2s
    1s and 2s
    March 04, 2015 0 Comments None

    A 1s and 2s Challenge, It is hardly surprizing that a question about two numbers can approached at an elementary level. But this challenge goes further and will keep the older students going for quite a while. The aim is simple:, ,  Arrange the digits 1 and 2 in a three by three grid to make six numbers that are all different., , The accompanying notes suggest that two maths problem solving strategies can be used to help solve the problem as well as posing further challenges based on the...

  • Creating a Problematised Situation
    Creating a Problematised Situation
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    When we create a problematised situation we are very careful about the numbers that we select. Selecting four and six for the dinosaur teeth was intentional., Four and six are the rainbow pairs that make to 10 and of course counting by 10s is the prelude to developing place value., The two following work samples in response to the dinosaur problem both show examples where representations of the teeth were made and as the students worked on working out how many altogether suddenly made the...