• Holiday Workshops for January 2017
    Holiday Workshops for January 2017
    November 15, 2016 0 Comments None

    By popular request, Ann is running two workshops in January., January 16th An Introduction to Natural Maths, , If you are new to teaching or if you are a relief teacher, or if you just need a NM refresher, then this workshop will give you insights into the philosophy, strategies and pedagogy involved in implementing and Natural Maths-inspired maths program. This workshop focuses on:, , Mental routines and matched vocabulary, Mental computation strategies and methods of representation...

  • Classroom Report on Ghostly Numbers
    Classroom Report on Ghostly Numbers
    November 07, 2016 0 Comments None

    How did you go with our Ghostly Numbers problem?, It was definitely appreciated up at Riverton Primary School, where groups of students appeared to have really enjoyed their time spent uncovering them. The attached file is a report of their work that uses the STAR model both as a framework for the report and as a guide that the students used as they worked on the problem., Yes, the Riverton students found that ghostly numbers are all, except for the first one, multiples of 6 (which known to be...