• Upcycle - Day 3
    Upcycle - Day 3
    February 07, 2017 0 Comments None

    Day 3, Lots of Beans, We are cranking it up a bit now and moving into ideas of place value and magnitude., It is important that students engage in purposeful counting rather than just rote counting to 100 and beyond. The following activity is designed to promote estimations based on informed guesses and then using speed counting strategies to check the estimates. There needs to be plenty of opportunities to talk about the magnitude of the bean collections and to give reasons for estimates that...

  • Upcycle - Day 2
    Upcycle - Day 2
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    DAY 2, Subitizing with Coloured Beans, The brain is designed to subitize (know how many in a small group without counting) and also to compare groups based on ideas of how many and how much., In this picture, the first image shows one subitizable group and the second has two subitizable groups. That’s a good starting point - The beans can be shown just as a single group to be subitized or as two groups to promote the subitize and count on strategy., , There’s no reason not to extend...