• April Workshop - 2017
    April Workshop - 2017
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    Over the last few weeks it became more and more difficult to ignore the requests to put on a workshop that would enable teachers who have not yet had the chance to hear about Natural Maths., Helping schools that have made a commitment to follow the Natural Maths pedagogy is one of our highest priorities and to be told that help is needed was the deciding factor in our decision to make April 26th a special day for any who would like to join us., The workshop that we have planned will give an...

  • Upcycle - Day 3
    Upcycle - Day 3
    February 07, 2017 0 Comments None

    Day 3, Lots of Beans, We are cranking it up a bit now and moving into ideas of place value and magnitude., It is important that students engage in purposeful counting rather than just rote counting to 100 and beyond. The following activity is designed to promote estimations based on informed guesses and then using speed counting strategies to check the estimates. There needs to be plenty of opportunities to talk about the magnitude of the bean collections and to give reasons for estimates that...

  • Upcycle - Day 2
    Upcycle - Day 2
    February 02, 2017 0 Comments None

    DAY 2, Subitizing with Coloured Beans, The brain is designed to subitize (know how many in a small group without counting) and also to compare groups based on ideas of how many and how much., In this picture, the first image shows one subitizable group and the second has two subitizable groups. That’s a good starting point - The beans can be shown just as a single group to be subitized or as two groups to promote the subitize and count on strategy., , There’s no reason not to extend...

  • Upcycled Materials
    Upcycled Materials
    January 23, 2017 0 Comments None

    DAY 1, Upcycle and Play with Maths Ideas, If you have been to our workshops you know that we use what we like to call fluid materials for maths. These are non-commercial cheap resources that we don’t have to be precious about nor do we have to confine our thinking in any particular ways., , While reflecting about themes for the new year the following thoughts emerged and will form the basis of classroom based action research that some of the schools that we are continuing to work with...

  • Reflections on 2016
    Reflections on 2016
    December 05, 2016 0 Comments None

    Thank you for your continued support through 2016. Over the year, we have had many letters and cards from teachers and students telling us of mathematical success and student engagement. These stories are an important part of what motivates us to keep working with you all., Also, we have received exciting reports of improvements in NAPLAN and PATM test results. The effect of running a Natural Maths approach, starting the lesson with a mental routine, following up with a problematised situation...

  • It's Official
    It's Official
    December 05, 2016 0 Comments None

     Yes, we've at last made the move to McLaren Vale. , As you can see, the place needs a bit of work, and there might be times when we get behind with office work, but it's great to be here on California Raod and our dog has a new friend in the neighbour's cat., We're off to Queenland todsay to say goodbye to our homne of the last 30 years. We will miss that part of our past but look forward to a new beginning in a wonderful location., Cheers, Johnny and Ann...

  • Holiday Workshops for January 2017
    Holiday Workshops for January 2017
    November 15, 2016 0 Comments None

    By popular request, Ann is running two workshops in January., January 16th An Introduction to Natural Maths, , If you are new to teaching or if you are a relief teacher, or if you just need a NM refresher, then this workshop will give you insights into the philosophy, strategies and pedagogy involved in implementing and Natural Maths-inspired maths program. This workshop focuses on:, , Mental routines and matched vocabulary, Mental computation strategies and methods of representation...

  • Classroom Report on Ghostly Numbers
    Classroom Report on Ghostly Numbers
    November 07, 2016 0 Comments None

    How did you go with our Ghostly Numbers problem?, It was definitely appreciated up at Riverton Primary School, where groups of students appeared to have really enjoyed their time spent uncovering them. The attached file is a report of their work that uses the STAR model both as a framework for the report and as a guide that the students used as they worked on the problem., Yes, the Riverton students found that ghostly numbers are all, except for the first one, multiples of 6 (which known to be...

  • Halloween Paper Folding
    Halloween Paper Folding
    October 16, 2016 0 Comments None

    A Cut Above the Rest?, Remember the old dancing dolls that were made by folding and cutting? They were particularly popular at Christmas time. Here's a new twist that might make these age-old decorations just as popular at Halloween time., ,  Paper is folded into an accordion or fan. A design is drawn, and then the cutting takes place., It's a feature of these creations that you have to make sure that you don't cut away too much and that the pieces  it touches twice (at least twice) at...

  • Ghostly Numbers
    Ghostly Numbers
    October 14, 2016 0 Comments None

     Just when you thought you were feeling safe ...., We had an idea that there might be some numbers that had a ghostly quality. The Devils Number 666 came to mind, but that didn't really fit the bill. , Then came that Aha! moment. There are special numbers of many kinds, and amongst them are the twin primes. Numbers like 11 and 13, 41 and 43, 59 and 61 are examples of twin primes, They are all primes numbers that differ by 2. One of the unsolved problems of maths is the hypothesis that...

  • Spooky Names
    Spooky Names
    October 13, 2016 0 Comments None

    Maths and Halloween do mix!, Spatial ability develops in tandem with hands-on experiences. Experiences where the hands-on activity, in this case painting and folding, will lead to changes., I tried using the name of a person,  written quickly along a fold line in wettish white paint and with feathering to each letter. My first trial we with the name Pete., , Quickly folding before the paint dries gives a partially predictable resulting symmetry., , I discovered that a couple of google-eyes...

  • Halloween Party Time
    Halloween Party Time
    October 11, 2016 0 Comments None

    So what does your kitchen counter look like in the holidays?, As you can see ours is covered in our first take on ‘maths at Halloween’., Watch this space as we post some Halloween maths activities and problems over the coming days. Hope you are having as much fun as we are this holiday...

  • Olympic Rings Report
    Olympic Rings Report
    August 28, 2016 0 Comments None

     Using the STAR model to solve the Olympic Rings challenges, It was a real pleasure to recieve an email from Riverton Primary School that included an account of how the students went about solving the Olympic Rings Challenges  ... and the Sting Questions. These students were no strangers to using the STAR model and their comments show how useful they found it as they progressed throught the challenges., In the attached document you can read the full account of what happened and I hope...

  • Holiday Workshops
    Holiday Workshops
    August 04, 2016 0 Comments None

     Just when you thought you were in for a well-earned 2-week holiday in the first two weeks of October, along come Natural Maths with some great ideas for workshops that you might not want to miss. On the Wednesday and Friday of the second week of the holiday, Ann is running two half-day workshops., Wednesday, October 12, The morning session covers the Space Strand of the Early Years curriculum. This workshops was run for a group of teachers and was hosted by Kate Beeson. The results were...

  • An Olympic Challenge
    An Olympic Challenge
    August 02, 2016 0 Comments None

     Let's get in the Olympic Mood, We have put together a sequence of three puzzles that we hope will add a bit of pizazz to the coming weeks, when all eyes are on the Rio games and ... who wants to do maths when all that is happening?, The puzzles are typical Natural Maths Challenges as they all have more than one answer and each has its own sting that takes the puzzle to another level., Puzzle 1 could be used with students from Year 1 onwards, as it only involves addition of the numbers 1, 2...

  • Differentiation
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    One of our preferred forms of differentiation is to provide tasks that:, , have multiple entry and success for all, have more than one right answer, require use of at least one problem-solving strategy, allow for what if and what else questions, involve reasoning and generalizing, lend themselves to whole class sharing and reflection, , The following task allows for each of the above., Multiple entry points and success for all, Notice that, while the task specifies that...

  • Device Assignable
    Device Assignable
    May 12, 2016 0 Comments None

     Who said Friday 13th was a day to avoid?, I have today been on the phone to Apple Australia Volume Purchase Program Support and I've been stepped through a process in which I accepted the latest Agreement, which I will of course download later and read over the next month or so. Just before the call ended, the person helping me made the following comment:, "I can see no reason why the apps should not be device assignable ... within the next 24 hours or so.", Talk about music to...

  • Seeing Dots
    Seeing Dots
    April 20, 2016 0 Comments None

    Seeing Dots at the Early Years Workshop, Subitizing, estimating and quantifying were dominant themes of the Early Years Workshop that we held at the beginning of the current break. Particularly popular were the dotty plastic table cloths that I cut into enough segments for each participant to have one. The pieces of tablecloth became the background for a masking activity in which we cut out shapes in a piece of A4 to create masks. Through the mask, we explored the most/least number of dots that...

  • Jersey Maths
    Jersey Maths
    March 31, 2016 0 Comments None

    Romania is trying to channel kids' love of soccer into an interest in math with an interesting new program that made its debut over the weekend., That's when the team took the field against Spain wearing warmups that replaced their jersey numbers with math problems., , The story doesn't tell us if they used those jerseys furing the actual game, but it does raise the question:, , Make the numbers 1 - 23 for your own team's jerseys using 2 numbers and one operation., Sting: Try doing it with three...

  • Problematized Situations
    Problematized Situations
    March 23, 2016 0 Comments None

    A Comment and a Student Initiative, It was great to hear from Geraldine Mason that:, , The kids enjoyed this problem - thanks. Didn't seem to question that it was a hen asking for help!, , Then yesterday, I was shown the work of Tyler, a Year 3 student at Settlers Farm Campus R-7 School., ,  You might like to share this with you students, I’m sure that Tyler would be glad for any feedback...