• Coin Mat software for the IWB

Coin Mat

Mental Routines and Investigations


How it Works

Teachers frequently asked for Interactive Whiteboard software that used Australian coins and this was our response, a package using coin art work provided to us by the Australian Mint.

There are many ways of using the software to support the numeracy block. It can be used:

  1. as the basis for mental routines at many levels
  2. to model processes such as adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing money amounts and giving change
  3. to model equivalence of coins and for coin identification
  4. subtilising and combining like coins for ease of counting
  5. for class or small group games such as guess my coins

Students can use actual coins as they interact with the activities making the activities accessible to the younger students and those needing extra support.

In the classroom

The supporting mental routines and investigations enable a teacher to introduce students to money meaningfully and with fun as they develop deep understanding of the coins and their values.

The Coin Mat is a Visual Basic program that runs on a PC. It is compatible with every type of IWB.

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