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- provides a visual reminder of subtraction strategies


We have designed the Strategy Mats to provide a tool for students when working on developing fluency with number facts. From our observations students need visual aide-memoires, reminders of what they have been learning and prompts to use the strategies learnt.

The mat is double-sided with the first side providing quick reminders and the reverse showing examples of the See it - Say it - Show it steps that typify the way in which Natural Maths strategies can be used. The mat is specifically designed to show which addition strategies might be useful for a subtraction and that they should choose the most appropriate strategy, not always relying on a single strategy such as count back.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback on this product and, if you find ways of using it that we have missed, please let us know via our Facebook page

This version allows a school to make as many copies as needed and is sent out by us in a CD case.

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