• Card Game

The Card Game

An Introduction to Algebra


How it Works

Algebra has been brought into the primary school grades by the Australian Maths Curriculum but many year 6 and 7 teachers have never been expected to teach algebra before. Help is at hand. The Card Game is a fun way of introducing students to:

  1. pronumerals
  2. making a table of values
  3. creating algebraic expressions
  4. using the language of algebraic thinking

As with many of our other software packages the game opens with a simple to manage teacher set-up screen allowing the game to be set to the needs of the students.

In the classroom

The supporting mental routines, lesson plans and investigations enable a teacher to introduce students to algebra meaningfully and with fun as they develop deep understanding of the underlying ideas.

The Card Game is a Visual Basic program that runs on a PC. It is compatible with every type of IWB.

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