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Dominoes can play an important role in the development of number sense.



We showed in the Lower Dominoes book how dominoes can play an important role in the development of number sense. In this book, the focus is more on problem solving and games that call for some in-the-head calculations. For example:

This domino ring has sides that add to 11. How many other rings with the same side total can be made from all the dominoes in one box?

The activities in this book are designed to capitalise on the natural features of dominoes … and we also give the rules for playing dominoes, a game that has been enjoyed by generations.

In the classroom

It really is remarkable what a range of problems can be created with just 28 dominoes! Click the link below to get a feel for the possibilities.

The ideas in this book matched the work that Beth Wood was doing on numeracy, and as a result, Beth has joined us to author this series - this is an important collaboration for us, as Beth has such a depth of experience in the Primary Maths field that her contribution to the series has been invaluable.

This is a Natural Maths publication only.

This product can also be used as a resource for the classroom. The following lesson plan and activity may help you to make the most of the product with a group of students or the whole class.

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