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Place Value to 1000 000 - Personal

Teach pupils how to read and understand large numbers correctly.


How it Works

The new Australian Curriculum: Mathematics has brought forward the age at which students are expected to have place value of large numbers. In our classroom activities we find that many Grade 6 and even Grade 7 students are still struggling to reach a deep understanding of place value to 1000 let alone larger numbers. We also find that many students cannot, or do not, read large numbers correctly or with understanding. Rather they rattle them off like a string of telephone numbers.

This book has been extremely well received by teachers who comment that within a very short space of time playing the games included with the materials the students can and do read large numbers correctly and begin to refine their understanding of large numbers.

The download file for this resource contains a PDF version of the Teacher Notes that is suitable for use on a PC or iPad. In addition there are several other resources that will support your teaching of Place Value to 1000 000.

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