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Teaching the Teen Numbers


The package includes 10 activities about teen numbers and Teacher Notes and is designed for both PC and iPad.  Teen numbers are an important part of early place value, which is built on being able to:


  1. count on or back from any starting number
  2. skip count in 2s, 5s and 10s as a result of unitising (spotting equal-sized groups)
  3. using the additive property of place value, such as 14 is 10 + 4 and
  4. using friendly numbers.


Being able to combine and deconstruct numbers flexibly is central to number sense at this level. For instance, the example used on the cover requires an understanding of the additive property of the number 16 and goes on to ask how many legs will the 16 spiders have altogether.

The download file for this resource contains a PDF version of the Teacher Notes that is suitable for use on a PC or iPad. In addition there are other resources that will support your teaching of teen numbers.

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