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Linear Measurement 2 - Personal

Covering measurement skills for Year 2


A careful study of NAPLAN outcomes suggests that many students fall down on the measurement questions. When we looked into the issues that might be causing this consistent failure, we saw that there are certain features of measuring length that may well not be getting the attention that they need.

Book 2 focuses on the key areas of iteration and transitivity and then moves into an early introduction to formal units such as cm and metre. The clowns on the cover of this book are used in a slide show to illustrate the concept that you need less of a longer unit than a shorter unit - a concept that many students find puzzling at first (longer is associated with more).

The download file for this resource contains a PDF version of the Teacher Notes that is suitable for use on a PC or iPad. In addition there are several other resources that will support your teaching of linear measurement.

This product can also be used as a resource for the classroom. The following lesson plan and activity may help you to make the most of the product with a group of students or the whole class.

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