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Problem Solving at Level 5 - Personal

Problem Solving for the Year 5 curriculum



This is the fifth book in a series that covers all the key topics in the Australian Maths Curriculum from a problem solving perspective. The problem solving strategies suggested are now well accepted as part of what we teach in maths and how we teach it. More recently, teaching with technology has become an important pedagogic strategy in the maths classroom. The slide sequences and interactive games that are provided in the download file really help the teacher bring technology into their teaching approach.

In the classroom

The download file contains all the print material for this unit, and so if you are working in a paperless school environment, you will find e-versions of all the materials that you need for your teaching.

The download file for this resource contains a PDF version of the Teacher Notes that is suitable for use on a PC or iPad. In addition there are several other resources that will support your teaching of problem solving.

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