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NMS for Parents Book 1 - Hard Copy

Strategies explained in parent-friendly language


Responding to Parent Power

The idea for this series started at a parent's evening at Milton State School, Brisbane, where Ann and Johnny were discussing the mental computation strategies that have become a central component of the Australian Maths Curriculum. It was the parents who suggested that they would find it helpful to have a reference point so that they could become fully involved in supporting their children in learning maths. Since then, many schools have not only made the NMS for Parents a book that they recommend to parents, it has also become a resource for teachers who find the simple explanations and example activities just the thing to stimulate mathematical thinking in their classroom.

Both books in the series explain the key mental computation strategies, show their methods of representation and suggest activities that parents can share with their child. We are sure that the series will be of great interest to all parents who want to understand what's new in maths teaching.

The hard-copy version NMS for Parents Book 1 will be mailed to you on receipt of your order.

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