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Mental Computation - Middle



Mental computation is the process of drawing on known strategies to solve an arithmetical problem. For example, to find 17 + 8, a strategic approach would be to split the 8 into 3 + 5 because you know that you can now bridge through 10 to reach the answer of 25.

This book suggests activities that support mental computation by exploring the Natural Maths Strategies posters that can be printed from the accompanying CD. The posters present the strategies such as bridging through 10, compensating and number splitting as well as representations such as chunking, the open number line and zigzag. Knowledge of these strategies and representations ensures that, in a situation where memory fails or the numbers are too large, the individual has the confidence to use mental computation to derive the answer.

This book is published by Blake and includes a CD with 18 posters of the mental computation strategies. It is available from:

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