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Strategic Maths - Number

7-book series for teaching maths strategies



Each unit in this book has been designed to enable teachers to:

  • teach number strategies explicitly
  • tailor teaching to the range of learners in the class
  • create deep understandings of the big ideas in number
  • assess students during and after each unit
  • develop a rigorous developmental approach to number

The Strategic Maths series provides teachers with a rigorous developmental approach to teaching Number, and provides explicit teaching of number strategies. The books have been designed to allow teachers to tailor their teaching to the range of learners in the class. Students are assessed during and after each unit to ensure they have developed a deep understanding of the big ideas in number.

Each 16 page unit of Strategic Maths focuses on a key mathematical understanding of Number and contains:

  • a Unit Planning outline, listing all of the support resources on the CD-ROM
  • a Top 5 that lists and assesses the targeted outcomes of the unit
  • 5 photocopiable Activity sheets with an accompanying page of teaching notes that outlines the activity’s rationale and provides preliminary teaching ideas
  • a photocopiable assessment Activity sheet with a ‘Tick and Flick Rubric’ to assist teachers to diagnose their students’ level of understanding
  • a ‘Letter to the family’ that can be sent home with the student outlining the concept being taught in class and suggesting ways these can be supported in the home environment
  • resource cards for photocopying and laminating

All of the photocopiable material in the Strategic Maths books is also included in PDF format on the CD-ROM.

Interactive Whiteboard Activities

The Teacher Disk that accompanies each of the books contains slideshows that demonstrate the key concepts being developed in each unit. Many of the slideshows are interactive and the answers are self-regenerating. This means that teachers can involve their students actively — instead of passively watching. The Student Disk with each book has copies of each of the interactive activities. These can be copied on to a student's memory stick to take home or loaded onto a classroom computer.

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