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View and Do - Maths Problem Solving

3-book series with videos to introduce the problems



This book and DVD pack provide ten live action scenarios which each present a problematised situation. For each problem there are teacher’s notes and support. There is also a follow up problematised situation to use with the students shortly after the presented video problem. This will allow the students to apply new strategies and approaches to a similar problem and for you to assess progress.

Each of the Problematised Situations:

  1. have two characters and a narrator who set the context for the problem and present the problem components
  2. demonstrates how maths is used to solve everyday problems
  3. has multiple entry points and extra challenges so that all students are catered for
  4. includes a pause for student activity followed by two suggestions of possible solution paths that can be compared to those used by the students and to generate discussion of other possible ways of looking at a problem. 

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