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Dominoes can play an important role in the development of number sense.



Dominoes can play an important role in the development of number sense. The layout of the spots on a domino is the same as on dice and these patterns develop subitising ability. The domino tiles also encourage the use of mental computation strategies.

The activities in this book are designed to capitalise on the natural features of dominoes … and we also give the rules for playing dominoes, a game that has been enjoyed by generations.

In the classroom

The Lower Primary book covers early number concepts and encourages children to develop appropriate language to match the concept. You can get a feel for the activities by downloading a sample which shows how to use dominoes at this level.

The ideas in this book matched the work that Beth Wood was doing on numeracy, and as a result, Beth has joined us to author this series - this is an important collaboration for us, as Beth has such a depth of experience in the Primary Maths field that her contribution to the series has been invaluable.

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This product can also be used as a resource for the classroom. The following lesson plan and activity may help you to make the most of the product with a group of students or the whole class.

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