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Multiplication Grid

This software package focuses on strategies that are known to help students acquire multiplication facts with deep understanding.


About The Multiplication Grid

Students need a multi-pronged approach to multiplication and multiplicative thinking. They can’t just go home and learn their tables one at a time.

They need to:

  • understand how multiplication is built up from repeated addition
  • understand the relationship between doubling, double doubles and multiplying by two so they can see how knowing the 2s facts helps with the 4s facts, and the 3s helps with the 6s and so on
  • hear and use the language of multiplication purposefully (everyday language and mathematical language)
  • work with factors and multiples
  • build facts up and down from known facts, including 2s, 5s, 10s facts and square numbers apply the distributive property to finding  answers to questions such as 8 × 13
  • be allowed time to use multiplication and related contexts to develop fluency and flexibility with them.


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