An Example from Subitizing Foundations

As we have been visiting schools, the word is that the students really enjoy this example from the first of the Subitizing series. It is based on the following collection of dot and number cards:

As you drag the mask down a little, but not enough to give the full picture, ask the students to say what card is hiding and to explain why they think that.

Reveal a little more and ask

“What do you think now? Why?”
“Did you have to change your thinking? Why/why not?”

When you choose the dot cards, you might see these two clues:

At the start it could be a 2-dot or a 3-dot card, but as more is revealed, it is clear that the hidden card is a 3-dot card. When it is a number card that is hidden, the clues can be just as tricky.

We hope you enjoy this program and that your students build a strong visual image of these two ways of representing number.

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