Hundred ipad

100 Square for iPad

Unlike other interactive 100 squares, this one instantly finds odd and even numbers, multiples, numbers greater than, less than, and prime numbers. This makes it the most versatile 100 square of its kind. The 100 Square is one of Natural Maths' most popular IWB programs, finally available on iPad...

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  • Angles and Triangles Mat
    Angles and Triangles Mat

    At Natural Maths its our belief that students should have tools to support their learning right where they need them - on their desk.

  • Place Value to 1 000 000
    Place Value to 1 000 000

    Looking for interesting place value problems and games to develop place value to 1 000 000? Look no further, this program is jam packed with practical, hands on, engaging activities.

  • Place Value
    Place Value

    Most approaches to place value focus on fluency and understanding only, this interactive tool stretches students understanding throuhg reasoning and problem solving.

  • Telling the Time
    Telling the Time

    Research suggests that we do a terrible job of introducing clocks and time concepts. Telling the Time takes a research based approach to getting off to a sound start with time, and with extending time concepts.

  • Place Value to 100 and Beyond
    Place Value to 100 and Beyond

    Teachers using place value to 100 and beyond find the developmental sequence on page 11 and the activities that follow, transformative in the way that they teach place value.