Hundred ipad

100 Square for iPad

Unlike other interactive 100 squares, this one instantly finds odd and even numbers, multiples, numbers greater than, less than, and prime numbers. This makes it the most versatile 100 square of its kind. The 100 Square is one of Natural Maths' most popular IWB programs, finally available on iPad...

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  • Decimal Value
    Decimal Value

    It is imperative that students can count in decimal values and bridge from hundredths to tenths and tenths to whole numbers. Decimal value has been designed to meet this need.

  • Dice Strings
    Dice Strings

    Teachers using this product describe it as a powerful tool for developing fluency with addition facts and for introducing commutative and associative properties.

  • Function Machine
    Function Machine

    This versatile, multileveled interactive tool can be used to extend thinking from grade two to grade ten. It moves smoothly into algebraic expressions at the higher levels.

  • Hidden Creatures Grade 1
    Hidden Creatures Grade 1

    We all know that teen numbers are notoriously difficult for young students, Hidden Creatures has been designed rather like a puzzle book to focus on ways of making teen numbers.

  • Fractions Grade 2
    Fractions Grade 2

    Unlike other fraction resources, this product focuses on the quantity model as well as the area model for understanding halves, quarters and eighths.