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Hundred ipad

100 Square for iPad

Unlike other interactive 100 squares, this one instantly finds odd and even numbers, multiples, numbers greater than, less than, and prime numbers. This makes it the most versatile 100 square of its kind. The 100 Square is one of Natural Maths' most popular IWB programs, finally available on iPad...

  • No Worksheet Required - Patterned Borders
    No Worksheet Required - Patterned Borders

    This practical, professional learning pack has a problematized situation, set in a real-world context, that encourages your students to create their own pattern sequences. It covers a wide range of mathematical topics and can be adapted for students from Foundation to Year 3.

  • No Worksheet Required - Hen and Chicks
    No Worksheet Required - Hen and Chicks

    Explore hatching patterns in this problematized situation. Designed to build your students' number sense and number patterning skills, it uses a real life context to offer starting points and 'sting in the tail' challenges to address curriculum outcomes Foundation to Year 3.

  • Mental Routines Course
    Mental Routines Course

    A new kind of professional development from Natural Maths. Now there’s a way to learn all about Mental Routines in a flexible online learning environment, with Ann right by your side!

  • Preventing the Numeracy Gap for Year 1
    Preventing the Numeracy Gap for Year 1

    Developing fluency and addition and subtraction depends on a firm number sense foundation. Firm foundations take time. In this course you will learn a range of processes for firming up this numeracy foundation and ensuring your students do not experience early failure and consequent risk aversion that lead to poor dispositions towards mathematics.

  • Problematized Situations Course
    Problematized Situations Course

    In this Natural Maths course, with Ann Baker, you will develop your skill in creating problematized situations. Problematized situations form part of a structured rigorous numeracy block.