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About Us

Natural Maths is the publishing and education consulting business of Ann Baker and Johnny Baker.

We both have a background in University research as well as practical classroom teaching so it is appropriate that our goal for Natural Maths is to "bridge the gap between research and practice" in maths education.

About Ann Baker [email protected]

Ann is an educational consultant with a background in maths and literacy education. She specializes in working with teachers to maximize the potential of the children they teach in areas such as numeracy, literacy and thinking skills. During her varied career, she has lectured in literacy at Griffith University (Gold Coast), been an adviser for Gifted and Talented Education with Education Queensland and a researcher at London University and the Open University (UK). Ann's qualifications include a Bachelor of Philosophy (post-graduate) degree in which she researched the role of real problem solving in mathematics education and a Post-graduate Diploma in Reading Development. Both these awards were made while Ann was working as a research fellow at the Open University.

About Johnny Baker [email protected]

Johnny Baker is a maths consultant with a background in education. As well as consulting to business and Universities in the fields of maths and computing, he is co-author with Ann of the many books that are published by Natural Maths. John's first degree was in pure mathematics, from the University of London, where amongst other subjects, he studied mechanics under Professor Sir Herman Bondi of 'steady state' fame. This interest in mechanics led him later to complete a Doctor of Information Technology degree at Bond University, where he shed new light on "The mechanics of a preferred golf swing".

With Steve Sugden, Johnny is also Editor of the electronic journal, Spreadsheets in Education. This initiative is making a substantial contribution to education, as it provides the only forum where teachers and academics can share ideas and report on research findings on the use of spreadsheets in education.

Natural Maths is also supported by the following:

Aidan Cornelius-Bell [email protected]

Aidan is a Ph.D. Candidate at Flinders University. His past research has been in the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), the use of Project-Based Learning (PBL). He is an experienced education consultant, working with teachers and leaders, implementing innovative practice from formative assessment strategies to project-based learning planning for integrated STEM curriculum across schools in South Australia. He works to support the learning of teachers around Australia and the world through coordinated online learning opportunities. He has also worked on development and delivery of research informed professional development to in-service teachers in more than 50 schools. With Natural Maths, Aidan supports the digital course delivery, provides support to customers where possible and supports research and development.