A Maths Mystery Box

The Natural Maths Mystery box contains the mathematical  ingredients for today’s challenge.

Under the bench you will find the mathematical staples that you can use as often as you like.

The Challenge

Your challenge is to make prime numbers. You must include at least one of the ingredients, but you can only use an ingredient once. What is the longest sequence of consecutive prime numbers that you can make with the Natural Maths ingredients?

We are looking for creativity and complexity.

Okay, yes we are loving Master Chef and it has prompted us to use the idea of a mystery box as the contexct for a maths challenge.

We have written up the challenge as a downloadable file that will enable you to set the scene and Lift the Lid. Click here for the download … and have lots of maths fun with your class! For example:
“The judges will be tasting (okay, testing) your recipes. You have 40 minutes to create an exquisite sequence of prime numbers and your time starts … NOW!”