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Christmas themed Place Value

Published 23 days ago by Ann Baker

I'm currently working on a place value unit of work (ready for next year) and was flicking through some of my favourite place value
picture books.

100 santas

As I flicked through '100 People' by Masayuki Sube, I landed on a page with 100 Santas.

Given that it is silly season and students are already into making 'all things Christmas', I thought why not create an actual Santa Scape in the classroom?

The photo below shows most of the double page spread with 100 Santas. Seeing them scattered across the page really gives a
good impression of magnitude. 100 is a large number!

100 santas2

The photos below gives insight into how the santas are grouped:

100 santas3

So why not create a place value Santa scape instead of other Christmas themed decoration .

Have a 'Can we make and group 100 Santas challenge?'

And why stop at 100, why not go to 200, 1000 or beyond. In the inevitable odd moments that happen between Christmas class and school activities, why not ask your students to create Santas.

The background in the book has sleds and houses with groupings of 10 as well as other groupings. Lots of counting to be done!

If a target such as 100 is set, have your class keep a regular count. Some computations may follow:

Hope you have fun and a fabulous Christmas Santa Scape.

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