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A Picture Book for Place Value

Published 7 months ago by Ann Baker

I'm still unpacking boxes that we're had in storage since we left Queensland 3 years ago. I was really delighted when I unpacked When I dream of 1, 2, 3. I'd forgotten all about it which is a shame because it is an absolute gem of a counting book.

picture book place value1

This is a picture book that counts on in 1s to 20 and then in 10s to 100 which is great because I am always searching for good counting books that go beyond 10 or that have special features. Special features in this book include clearly illustrated opportunities to apply subitizing and addition strategies within 10.

picture book place value2

Here for instance we can see 6 dolphins, a subitizable 3 in the middle and 3 on the outside. Double 3 is 6. The teen numbers are illustrated in ways that allow exploration of different ways of making them, both as 10 as some more as well as other addition facts within 20.

picture book place value3

The 15 seahorses for instance can be described as:

picture book place value4

I really liked the number 19 page as it shows 7 and 12 more. How about a quick dip odd numbers (one that could be acted out) with the question: “Could both piles ever be the same? “What teen number of books would allow you to make piles the same size?”

I also like the number 50 page which shows two bowls of 10 gold fish and thirty flying ones being juggled.

picture book place value5

I often wonder what contexts can be used to contextualize (bring to life) 40. Expressions that make little sense out of context really don’t do that … one of them being:

“I have two I0s and thirty 1s, (2 × 10 + 30 × 1 = 50)”

which we know makes little sense to young people.

So there you go, When I dream of 1, 2, 3 is a great book for place value.

There’s a glowing review of it here. I like and can recommend this book because it mirrors the ideas that we present in Place Value to 10O and Beyond.

Place value is a passion of ours and later this week I’ll be running mental routines around this fundamental concept in classrooms from Grade 1 to Grade 7. And, you know what? I bet there will be a few surprises in store.

Cheers, Ann

PS. Our place value products are: Books with software, Place Value to 10O and Beyond and Place Value to 1 000 000 and software with lesson plans, Place Value and Decimal Place Value.

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