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Great Books for Halloween Maths

Published about 1 year ago by Ann Baker

Halloween is coming!

How about a few themed Halloween Maths Books to create some fun. Here are some of the books that we love at Halloween.

Adler, David(2011) Mystery Maths: A First Book of Algebra Random House.
As it says, this is a first look at algebra and simple equations with pronumerals. It is easy to follow and good fun for 10 years and up.

Armstrong-Ellis, Carey (2012) *Ten Creepy Monsters *Harry N. Abrams
This is a simple count back book for 4, 5 and 6 year olds. Students could create their own Halloween monster count back sequences.

Axelrod, Amy (1999) Pigs Go to Market: Halloween Fun with Maths and Shopping
A book about shopping for Halloween and sharing the treats, fairly or unfairly!

Gunnufson, Charlotte (2013) Halloween Hustle Two Lions
I included this thinking it would be fun to create repeating dance patterns from the sequences in the book, age 5 and up

Jane, Pamela (2011) Little Goblins Ten Harper Collins
This is a counting book which could be used to challenge students to work out just how many monsters and spooks there were in the forest that night, ages 5 and up.

O’Connell (2000) Ten Timid Ghosts Scholastic
A counting back book, suitable for ages 4, 5, and 6.

Savage, Stephen (2013) Ten Orange Pumpkins Dial
A counting back book, suitable for ages 4, 5, and 6.

Williams, Simon (2013) Ten Hooting Owls Scholastic
Follow the owls in this counting book - all the way back to the nest! Keep a look-out on every page for hidden numbers to find.

Yates, Philip (2003) Ten Little Mummies Puffin
This book counts down to 1 and then there is a surprise showing that the subtraction 10 - 9 can be undone as the 9 mummies reappear. An early introduction to inverse operations.

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