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Does it Matter - Measurement

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This is the third in our 'Does it Matter' series. This week we are looking at common misconceptions and error patterns related to linear measurement.

diM2 Measurement Caterpillar

'How long is the caterpillar?'

There are several common answers to this question, and they can each be explained as follows:

Download a PDF of the slide here if needed: diM2 Measurement caterpillar PDF

We suggest that you show the slide and ask students to think for a while and then to share their thinking with a partner.

Encourage students to agree, disagree and justify or explain their thinking.

If more provocation is needed to deepen the discussion give them the range of possible answers, 3, 4, 9, 10, 13 and ask them to explain:

Your observations of students' conversations and answers will help you to better understand what your students do and don't understand about linear measurement, especially how much they know about using a measuring tool, and what you need to do with them next.

The Follow Up slide has a similar question that will help you check if the discussion generated by the first slide has helped with the possible misunderstandings.

DiM2 Measurement Snake
Download a PDF of the slide here if needed: DiM2 Measurement snake PDF

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