Domino Maths for Parents – Day 3

For the Early Years, we have chosen finding dominoes with 8, 9 or 10 dots. Counting on features again and the goal is to provide meaningful and engaging practice with number facts to 10, ever an important part of developing number skills. For the Middle Years, we have chosen the next domino chains investigation, and again, many correct answers are possible. We would like you to see your child not stopping once a solution has been found rather persisting with the problem and finding many different solutions.

Click here to download the pages for Adding to numbers up to 10. You’ll find that the teacher (read parent) notes are included for you to use as well. There is no absolute need print the pages, but you can if you want to.

Click here to download Domino Chains 3. Again, there is no absolute need to print the pages for these domino challenge and accompanying notes, however they do help children to organize their thinking.

We do recommend that you join in the fun with these challenges, they could be quite entertaining for the whole family.