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Easter Challenges for Middle and Upper Primary

Published 9 months ago by John Baker

What follows are three middle primary and three upper primary Easter challenges. I encourage you to have a go with your students before you refer to my suggested solutions. There are many ways to solve these challenges, and I have provided my favourite solutions with Excel spreadsheet data to match.

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Middle Primary Challenge 1 - Bags of Easter Eggs

Easter MP1

MP 1 Answer info: easter MP1a
Supporting Excel: easter MP1a2

Middle Primary Challenge 2 - All in a Row

Easter MP2

MP 2 Answer info: easter MP2a
Supporting Excel: easter MP2a2

Middle Primary Challenge 3 - Eggs in the Rings

Easter MP3

MP 3 Answer info: easter MP3a
Supporting Excel: easter MP3a2

Upper Primary Challenge 1 - The Easter Egg and Spoon Race

Easter UP1

UP 1 Answer info: easter UP1a
Supporting Excel: easter UP1a2

Upper Primary Challenge 2 - An Easter Egg Snake

Easter UP2

UP 2 Answer info: easter UP2a
Supporting Excel: easter UP2a2

Upper Primary Challenge 3 - Easter Eggs and Lollies

Easter UP3

UP 3 Answer info: easter UP3a
Supporting Excel: easter UP3a2

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