Easter Maths Puzzles

Mouth-watering smells of hot cross buns and shelves laden with Easter eggs of all sizes. Isn’t that what the next few weeks are all about?

Nearly, but not quite.

To add to the fun and excitement, we’ve put together a differentiated set of Easter egg puzzles that will entertain and stretch your students. So here goes!

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 1 involves addition to totals less than 10 and so should be accessible to a wide range of year-levels.

easter maths puzzles

By suggesting the first total, we feel that success should be readily attainable from Year 1 onwards.

That the puzzle has another solution might be seen as the sting in the tail, and there’s also the mathematical result that a solution can be flipped over to give another solution.

So, here are some possible answers:

easter maths puzzles4

Here are the next two versions of the puzzle – simple extensions of Puzzle 1 but finding solutions is quite a lot harder!

Puzzle 2

easter maths puzzles2
Easter maths puzzles5

Here are possibilities for Puzzle 2 answers: 

Puzzle 3

easter maths puzzles3

For Puzzle 3, which we think is really quite challenging, here are the only solutions that we could find.

easter maths puzzles6

We hope you are able to use one of more of these puzzles and would love to hear from you if other solutions were found! Put your answers in the Natural Maths Facebook post here.

Download the three puzzles as a PDF here: easter maths puzzles8

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