Multiplication Picture Books

Helping students understand multiplication: your must have list!

In the last three blogs, I unpacked ways of using multiplication picture books. You may not have access to those particular books but there are others that you could use in similar ways. I have made a list of the ones that I am familiar with – please let me know if you think I have missed one!

As we said in the first multiplication blog, we have just finished the software update and new teacher notes for our popular product, Multiplication Grid. The software can be used as described in the teacher notes to support your explicit teaching but can also be used to support any incidental learning opportunities such as those that arise from sharing picture books.

The Multiplication Grid software comes with details of four Mental Routines . The mental routines immerse the students in the language associated with multiplication and a poster is provided for students to refer to as they answer your Closed and Open Questions before playing the Flip Question games.

Multiplication Grid supports the teaching of the ACM Number and Place Value strand for Year 3: ACMNA056, Year 4: ACMNA075, Year 5: ACMNA101 and Year 6: ACMNA123.

The package can be previewed by clicking here.