Number Crossword Puzzles

Over the years we have amassed a huge amount of paper. Yes, in the old days, hard copy was the go. We printed everything and even hand-wrote a huge amount of stuff!

We are now culling like mad at every opportunity we get (not many I’m afraid). As we go through papers, we find something that rings bells for us, or provides a reminder of some thinking we have forgotten about, and of course have to pause and reflect.

Well this time we came across this maths crossword that we created for one of the maths rallies that we ran at the Gold Coast.

The above is one of three number crosswords that we used during the rallies and you can download them from here.

What is a Maths Rally?

Maths rallies were a part of the program we ran for Gifted and Talented students and we had a lot of fun organizing them. We would have about 100 students involved each time in teams of 4. The crossword was one of the tasks to be completed in between events, while students might be waiting to work at a station.

Rather than simply trash the crosswords, we decided to offer them to you. Use them however you like, as an odd-minute-filler, a take-home activity, whatever, but of course have fun with them.
Best wishes and stay safe!