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Problematised situations everywhere

Published 11 months ago by Ann Baker


I saw these chickens in a classroom wonderful classroom recently. As you can see the students had been exploiting positional language after reading 'Rosie's Walk'. Each chicken had six tail feathers and this on its own demonstrated different ways that six feathers could be arranged.

For me though, a problematised situation came to mind. Here it is:

My friend the year one teacher wants her class to make these chickens too, but she is too busy to work out how many paper strip feathers she will need to cut. She has 23 students. How many strips will she need to cut and how many googly eyes will she need to buy?

I include this problem simply to demonstrate that ideas for problematised situations are everywhere. Want to learn more? We have a new online course to teach you how to create problematised situations and stimulate excited maths learning. Check it out here.

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